Dear Patients and Visitors,


Szent Kristóf Healthcare Provider Nonprofit Ltd. is an institution owned by the Budapest 11th District Local Government. We provide primary and specialised care mainly for the inhabitants of the district. Specialised health care was transferred from St. Imre Hospital to the Local Government of Újbuda in June, 2003.

Within the framework of primary health care there functions the district midwifery, as well as the paediatric dentistry, the school and kindergarten health services. 30 more specialities are covered by our ambulatory clinic.

We work in 26 premises within the district. Our central building is the clinic in Fehérvári Street, which was built in 1947. The over 60 year-old building is protected, its internal restoration (with accessibility) took place between 2004 and 2006, the monumental façade was not altered.

A new advance booking system and an electronic calling system, that protects the patients’ personality rights and helps them to wait pleasantly, were introduced in the new institution. The equipment behind the modern environment is being renewed continuously.
We consider our employees’ good qualification and patient-centric activity to be of primary importance. Our institution would like to play a central role in the health provision of the district.

Budapest Főváros XI. Kerület Újbuda Önkormányzata
1113 Budapest, Zsombolyai u. 5.
1117 Budapest, Fehérvári út 12.


Dr. Kóti Tamás                                  Tel: 279 - 2180

Medical director:      
Dr. Daróczi János                            Tel: 279 - 2180

Leading assistant:
Dr. Záray Gyuláné                            Tel: 279 - 2103

Leading Midwife:
Hamarné Debreczeni Rita             Tel: 279 - 2198

Economic director:
Molnárné Kerekes Gabriella           Tel: 279 - 2197

Technical director:
Oszvald Attila                                          Tel: 279 - 2164

Quality management and controlling leader:
Soós Mányoki Ildikó                             Tel: 279 - 2181


Legal representative: Erhardtné Gachályi Anikó
Office hours: every month 3. Wednesday 11 - 13
Office location: Budapest XI, 12 Fehérvári Street
ground floor, room number 20.
Telephone: (+36 1) 279 2100